Domestic Bliss?

I was domestic-ing my ass off yesterday and I learned two important lessons.

Lesson the First

Laundry baskets will spontaneously attack you while you’re carrying the heaviest load of laundry ever because you didn’t domestic your ass off the previous week and had a lot of domestic-ing to catch up on!

These attacks are vicious and violent and leave you permanently scarred while your brother laughs at you as you scream in pain and yell at the evil baskety bastard and pick your fresh laundry up off the floor.

Exhibit A – Laundry Basket Inflicted Wound

My poor, poor, tender thigh meat. 😦

Lesson the Second

You may think that measuring cups are benign, even useful, members of your kitchen utensil clan. You couldn’t be more wrong.

Take your eyes off them for even a moment and this happens:

Exhibit B – Measuring Cups are A-holes

Ripped my nail right off. Showed no remorse. A-hole! 😦

Thus ends my lesson on the evils of domestic chores.


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