My Belt. What a Dickbag!

I was having a loose jeans day on Friday. I was at work and I had to pull my belt to the fourth hole and I thought to myself, Those 4 lunch salads are already paying off!  I’ve probably lost 5 pounds through salads alone! Yay for me!

Cut to Saturday. I’m getting dressed to meet my family for lunch. It’s summer, but I’m putting on jeans because I have amazingly white legs and I haven’t shaved them so jeans are safer. For everyone.

I go to do my belt up and I seem to be able to pull it even further than on Friday. Could this be? Could I finally be losing weight magically with no effort like I always wanted?!


I’m still as chubs as I ever was and my belt decided to prove that to me in a decidedly dickbaggish fashion.


I had broken my belt. It was literally hanging on by an effing thread. Okay, two threads, but that’s not much better! What a kick in the vag!

Also, I spent the whole weekend packing, because we’re moving soon, and I didn’t get out to buy a new belt so today is going to consist of me walking around holding my pants up manually. Unless I can find some string, or I tape them to myself somehow.


6 thoughts on “My Belt. What a Dickbag!

  1. Can I just say that I’m jealous you even have to use a belt?
    My pants just cling. Oh, lordie, do they cling.
    Also, who needs a belt when my belly fat flap can hold the pants in place from the outside?
    (Yes. I went there.)


  2. Trust me I go through similar stuff. Monday-everything feels tight and uncomfortable; work hard all week to get my clothes feel looser. Friday-yay! I feel thin! Hard work paid off! Saturday and Sunday-I guess I can take advantage for just two days and eat fun food! Monday-everything feels tight and uncomfortable. 😦


    1. I moved last week. Spent all this week cleaning up the old house, doing runs to the Charity and the Dump. I have logged more steps than ever on my Fitbit … I actually feel as though I’ve gained weight. lol I’m sleeping all weekend. My feet hurt! :p

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    1. That’s such a positive take on things! lol I immediately chalked it up to my dick bag belt was all like, “Look how much weight you’ve lost” only to turn around, laugh and say, “Just kidding! I’m out!”

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