Yesterday I went for a CT Scan on my brain. Why, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  It’s all because of this fine gentlemen:

That’s my dad and he has a brain aneurysm.  This was him just before we found out all the details about what it is, where it is and what has to be done. It’s scary as fuck y’all!

Papa Smurf has a Basilar Tip Aneurysm that is 17 mm.  Right in the middle of his brain which makes it a “complex aneurysm”, because of course it does.

He’s going to have brain surgery in the new year and get all patched up and be totally fine. Knock on wood.  All of you.  Right now!

I know, I know, I still haven’t told you why I had to get a CT Scan.  So I will tell you.  The motherfuckers run in families! Whaaaat!?

My dad’s mom died of a brain aneurysm.  He has one now.  His first- degree relatives all need to get checked.  Me, my two brothers and my uncle and aunt.  Good times!

The best part about the scan is that they give you an injection when your brain is getting scanned and I was told it would make me feel like I had to pee … but no, no … that’s not quite it … It made me feel like I was peeing!
I was 100% sure they’d get me out and I’d sit up with pee pants.  But that wasn’t the case.  Just a delightful side effect.  A warm, fuzzy crotch feeling.  Hooray!

The lesson here is: Get your brains checked and wear Depends whilst doing so.

The End

4 thoughts on “Braaaaains

  1. Sending you all love and healing thoughts , hope everything goes well for everyone. Have a great Christmas and an even better healthy and happy New Year !!! Lots of ❤️

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