Doggy Diaries – Week 1

Day One

Theodore the Dog has come to live with us. Quite against his will. We shall call him Teddy when he is good. Theodore when we need to have a serious talk.

Theodore Williams

He did not enjoy the kidnapping. I had a great time.

Teddy dropped a mysterious package in the yard. I can only assume it’s a homing beacon for his former family so they can retrieve him. We have disposed of it.

Caught in the act. No escape for you!

The cats are unsure of this new being. He behaves strangely and smells even stranger. He does love the couch though, which will eventually unite them all!

Day Two

Dog appears to be defective.


The cats have disappeared. I will embark upon an expedition to find them soon. In the meantime, I will take Teddy for a walk.

The walk went horribly. Teddy laid a trap for me. He dropped another homing beacon and as I was attempting to pick it up to dispose of it I was attacked by these creatures. I can only assume they were trying to keep me occupied while he made his escape. Not today, Teddy! For I have The Leash of Power!

Day Three

Eric and Teddy are bonding while I am at work. They do this by lying around. Hopefully, this will prevent any more attacks by strange creatures in Teddy’s bid for freedom.

Day Four

Teddy may have been a model in his previous life. Perhaps this is why he’s so keen to escape us and get back to his former existence. He keeps dropping those beacons. Always while we’re watching though. He’s not a very good strategist.

Teddy has found a strange device. It appears to be a butt plug. He seems to enjoy it. Although not for its intended purpose.

Day Five

After much searching, I have located the cats! They have created an apocalypse-type shelter in the spare room together. Gathered food and water and litter. They seem to have everything they need.


Day Six

Teddy has located the cat’s stronghold. So far their elaborate security system has kept him out. I do not think they are keen to abandon their fortress and share space with Teddy. He is not too happy about that. Perhaps he is lonely for furry companions.

Day Seven

Something strange has happened to Eric and I. We felt compelled to put a sweater on Teddy. Despite the fact that he is an animal. With fur. Perhaps this is because we do not have children? I shall call my therapist.

Go Leafs Go!

4 thoughts on “Doggy Diaries – Week 1

  1. Week 1? So it must be week xx by now (I don’t feel like mathing).
    This was funny…
    “He keeps dropping those beacons. Always while we’re watching though. He’s not a very good strategist.”
    (got your link from comment on Blogess)
    I’m at if you feel like it…

    Liked by 1 person

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